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Eco-meeting ‘En Oiko’ 2017

20 Jul 2017

20.07 till 23.07

Georgiadis Park,
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Eco-meeting ‘En Oiko’ 2017

A unique four-day meeting (July 20-21-22-23) is organized for the past few years at Georgiadis Park, right in the center of Heraklion, inviting us to explore alternative lifestyles. ‘En Oiko’ is probably the most popular and most interesting summer event of Heraklion. The park is filled with life: tents and benches with handmade products, open seminars and workshops, discussions, everything centered on a common theme and vision: ecology, autonomy, self-organization, self-sufficiency, and an alternative approach of life. The Eco-meeting invites people to try and buy ecological products and handmade creations directly from their producers and craftsmen. Focusing on eco-handicrafts and eco-farming and using materials that are friendly to humans and the environment, the people that participate in the meeting actively promote the values and pleasures of personal creation and a healthy diet. Those who make up the meeting “En Oiko” are not members of an established association, but individuals who work collectively and share the idea of a self-organized society.

This year the meeting will focus on transmitting practical knowledge, so all participants are invited to give and/or attend thematic workshops on subjects such as how to grow your own vegetables or make your own cosmetics. Thematic ‘villages’ will be created, including one for children and a therapeutic village where you will learn how to take care of your own body. Saturday and Sunday concludes with a music feast!!

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