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Concert: Yannis Charoulis

17 Aug 2012
Theatre of the Fields,
Entrance Fee

10 euro

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Concert: Yannis Charoulis

At the theater of the fields

Additional Info

This young man is one of the most pleasant new entries in the modern Cretan music scene. His voice is compared to the one of legendary Nikos Xylouris and his songs quickly became favorites. In his frequent ‘visits’, the theatre of the fields gets packed with people, but it is well worth to come early and find a nice spot to hear him play. If you want a preview, visit him in myspace.

Theatre of the Fields (Theatro ton Agron)

Situated 20km from the city of Heraklion, in the valley between the villages of Profitis Elias and Kyparissi, this unique little theatre hosts concerts and performances of Cretan and Greek artists, as well as of artists from abroad, focusing on traditional music and art. The theatre is made of wood and stone, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees and literary hidden in the fields. During the hot summer nights, the ‘theatre of the fields’ becomes a refreshing escape from the heat and overflows with people. And because it is not enough to only feed the spirit but you also need to feed your body, in the site of the theater you can buy delicious traditional dishes prepared with the products of the village fields, good wine and –of course- raki!