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Outdoor activity

Free CARETTA CARETTA (Cretaqurium)

11 Dec 2012
Entrance Fee


12.00 let Google Maps guide you to event venue

Free CARETTA CARETTA (Cretaqurium)

Two CARETTA CARETTA turtles were hosted in Cretaquarium for medical reasons and are now ready to be released back to the wild sea! The event will take place at the beach in front of Cretaquarium.

The 1st turtle was found weak at the beach of Gouves near Heraklion, on Monday 28/3/2011.  It was immediately delivered to the personel of Cretaquarium, who took care of it. A fishing hook was found in its esophagus, which unfortunately could not be removed due to its position. However, 15 months later the X-rays showed that the fishing hook has corroded and the turtle was ready to be released. 

The 2nd turtle was found wounded from fishing nets in the neck and head near the region of Kalo Horio in Lassithi Prefecture on Monday 4/6/2012. The x-rays also showed part of a fishing hook in its body, but its removal was not deemed necessary. Today, 6 months later and after a lot of care from the personel of Cretaquarium, this turtle is also ready to go back home!

Both of them are now healthy and marked so they can be tracked down in the future.