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  • Welcome to the favourite beach of the "hippies"Welcome to the favourite beach of the "hippies"© Cretazine
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Komos (or Kommos)

Additional Info

  • Villages / Cities nearby: Matala,Pitsidia
  • Water: rather deep
  • Camping: camping facilities at Pitsidia
  • Nudism: yes!
  • Organized: some parts!
  • What to bring: a camera to catch the sunset !

Extra tips

Kommos was another favourite hangout of the hippies!

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A startling vast beach full of exciting waves! The northwest wind makes a dynamic presence and adds to the harshness of the scenery. The sand in Kommos is coarse (which makes it a favorite place for the caretta turtle to hang out), and the Minoan city of Phaestos’ seaport used to be here. Latest excavations in the area of ‘Spanos’ Kefalia’ have revealed remnants of Minoan buildings and of a sanctuary.