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  • Address: Old Market (1866 str.)
  • Type - Category: Traditional Rakadiko
  • Prices:
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Sarantauga is perhaps the smallest and most representative rakadiko of the city! Situated in the heart of the old market, it is noisy when the shops are open (but perfect for purposelessly observing people passing by) and quiet when the market closed.  “Sarantauga” means “forty eggs”, which you can count on the label. It is one of the oldest rakadika in the city. The proof for that is that it has no bathroom, as when it first opened toilets were not a prerequisite to acquire permission! Do not worry though, there is an unofficial agreement with the rakadiko across the street and you can use the toilets there.  Raki is usually accompanied with olives, rusk, taramosalata, baked potato and -of course-eggs! The music is popular Greek (laika), rebetika or Cretan. Simple, genuine, and traditional, Sarantauga is perfect for your raki experience.