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  • Wonderful atmosphere, exquisite cuisine!Wonderful atmosphere, exquisite cuisine!


Additional Info

  • Address: Kapetan Haralampi str. 6-8
  • Telephone: (+30) 2810 288887
  • Type - Category: Cretan cuisine
  • Prices: €€

Cretazine Tips

email: info@peskesicrete.gr

Open from 10am to 2 am

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Peskesi is, without doubt, one of the most exquisite Cretan cuisine restaurants in Heraklion. The architecture & design of the place is impressive, and the cuisine is of equal quality. Here you will test traditional Cretan dishes with a modern 'approach' and excellent presentation. The restaurant 'policy' is to use fresh products and support local producers. Luscious salads, 'forgotten' pulse dishes from the depths of tradition, meat dishes cooked the Cretan way. Peskesi is not afraid to use ingredients like carob honey, petimezi (Cretan syrup based on grape) and traditionally made wheat (hondros). Don't skip the cocktail menu with Cretan-inspired recipes and amazing home liqueurs.