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  • Ρακές και μεζεδάκια στην καρδιά του ΛάκκουΡακές και μεζεδάκια στην καρδιά του Λάκκου

"Lakkos" Coffee Shop

Additional Info

  • Address: Taxiarchou Markopoulou & Kounali
  • Telephone: (+30) 2810 334338
  • Prices:
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Situated in one of the most interesting districts of Heraklion with a significant underground history, "Lakkos" coffee shop, also a raki & mezze shop, brought back life in this forgotten neighborhood. The picturesque square was decorated with flowers and wall paintings and the tables were spread out just like in the old times. Here you can enjoy raki, wine or beers and you can try traditional appetizers and cold dishes prepared by the people of "Lakkos" with love. One of our new favorite spots in the city!