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  • Vathy, a small fjord hugs the spectacular waters of the Libyan SeaVathy, a small fjord hugs the spectacular waters of the Libyan Sea© Cretazine
  • The Libyan Sea in the horizon...The Libyan Sea in the horizon...© Cretazine
  • © Cretazine
  • © Cretazine
  • Paximadia island greets you from afar...Paximadia island greets you from afar...© Cretazine
  • © Cretazine
  • © Cretazine


Additional Info

  • Villages / Cities nearby: Sivas (17 km)
  • Water: blue, green, well protected from the winds
  • Camping: Yes, make sure you find a free salt cedar!
  • Nudism: Maybe not (a lot of locals come here)
  • Organized: Not at all!
  • What to bring: Water, a snack, and your book!

Extra tips

To reach Vathy drive to Odigitrias Monastery and then take the dirt road that leads to the right. From there the gorge is about 8km away. You can also take a boat from Matala or Agia Galini (but you will miss the route!)

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Vathy is the perfect beach for adventure lovers and loners –even though the beach has become very popular in summer months. Hidden within the rocky landscape of Asterousia, one must ‘suffer’ to reach it: first you have to endure a lot of trembling, driving on the dirt road, and clouds of dust that will stick on your sweaty body! But it is all worth it. The ascetic, dry landscape of southern Crete softens when the Libyan sea appears in the horizon, and the island of paximadia greets you from afar. Every once in a while a wild olive tree reminds you that life grows in the most unexpected places. And then, the white walls of the small gorge will lead you to a dreamy sandy beach. Vathy is of similar ‘structure’ as its neighboring beaches, Martsalo and Agiofaraggo, but each has its unique flair. If you visit all of them, you will know what we mean!

When you are finally in the water swimming, think that once upon a time here was a pirate hideout, as this beach is concealed by the rocky cliffs that surround it. A few salt cedars will offer you shade when you need it, and you may also try hiding in one of the little caves up the rocky hills. Hopefully, you will be lucky enough to enjoy this wonderful beach without a crowd! Take with you all things necessary, as you won’t want to leave this place soon (plus, you went through so much to get there!) There is a small tavern near the beach, but don’t expect much, it only has the basics!