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  • Listis is the greek word for "Bandid"Listis is the greek word for "Bandid"


Additional Info

  • Villages / Cities nearby: Tsoutsouras, Kastri
  • Water: normal
  • Camping: too many tents already!
  • Nudism: probably not
  • Organized: no
  • What to bring: water and fruit to stay all day under the shade of the trees
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While you drive from Tsoutsouros to Kastri, right after Dermatos, you will see two impressive caves on a rocky hill. The beach of Listis is hidden there. Follow the narrow path through the rocks and admire the view from above: the rocks form an intriguing scenery. On your left hand, you can have a better look of caves. The name 'Listis' means bandit in Greek, andaccording to legend, these caves were the refuge of a notorious bandit (probably Sarakin). You can choose either the small gulf on the left or the longest beach on the right and find your own refuge under the trees. The beach has become well known lately so it’s quite crowded. It is certainly more quiet on weekdays.