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  • As you walk downhill to the beach, the view is magicalAs you walk downhill to the beach, the view is magical© Cretazine
  • The chapel of Agios Nikitas, hidden in the cave for centuriesThe chapel of Agios Nikitas, hidden in the cave for centuries

Agios Nikitas

Additional Info

  • Villages / Cities nearby: Achentrias, Tsoutsouras
  • Water: Deep, green waters
  • Camping: No!
  • Nudism: Of course not, you are at a religious site!
  • Organized: No, so make sure you have everything you need
  • What to bring: something descent to wear when you visit the monastery

Extra tips

  • The Theophrastus palm tree forest is located west of the Monastery. Even though the site looks a bit neglected, still, the sight of palm trees sprouting out of this naked infertile landscape is impressive.
  • In order to reach Agios Nikitas you will have to cross the village of Achentrias and the nearby village of Ethia, or you will pass by Tsoutsouras - again through the road to Achentria.  
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At this corner of Asterousia Mountains the landscape looks more infertile and rough than anywhere else. The dirt road going down from the village of Achentrias raises dusty clouds around your car, smoke signals for the predatory birds that fly freely over your head like a menace, and the view to the Libyan Sea and the southern coast is simply breathtaking. 

After 15 km of driving through the dust you arrive at the Monastery of Agios Nikitas and from there you must walk downhill on the 200+ stairs that lead to the beach. As you see it from above, this beach is characterized by wild beauty, with steep rocks surrounding it, pebbles and green waters that invite you to wash the dust off you in the most satisfying way. After you enjoy a nice swim, visit the ‘miraculous’ chapel of Agios Nikitas hidden in the rock since 1640. Around it you will see pilgrims taking a rest under the shade of the trees. Follow their example and then continue walking towards the small palm tree forest (yes, you read right) on the trail that starts west of the Monastery...