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  • A gate to the south...the magical beach of Tripiti!A gate to the south...the magical beach of Tripiti!© Cretazine
  • © Cretazine
  • © Cretazine
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Tripiti (Gavdos island)

Additional Info

  • Villages / Cities nearby: Vatsiana
  • Water: Blue and crystal clear!
  • Camping: Yes, if you manage to carry camping equipment here (highly unlikely)
  • Nudism: Even if you are shy, here is the perfect place to get over it!
  • Organized: Not at all...this means, bring your snacks and lots of water.
  • What to bring: Water, good shoes, hat, and camera.
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Tripiti beach is the southernmost point of Gavdos, Greece and Europe...and who knew 'borders' can look so beautiful and peaceful? To get there you need to cross a small gorge and walk on rocky trails under the sun (bring your hat and good shoes!). The two trails start from Korfos or Vatsiana. Whichever path you choose, the walk will take you through lovely landscapes and the scents of the unique nature of Gavdos, which smells like herbs and pine trees. When you reach the beach you will feel as if you landed on the moon. The dry salt pit you will first encounter makes the landscape look extraterrestrial. In the winter, it is filled with water and attracts many migratory birds. You walk a bit further and a spectacular sandy beach unravels before your eyes. White stones, crystal clear waters and a hole on the western rock that encloses the beach are the landmarks of Tripiti. The large holes shaped in this little peninsula also gave it its name (tripiti comes from the Greek word 'tripa' = hole).

After you swim and take a rest under the shade of the few trees you will find on the beach, walk on the peninsula over the characteristic hole to enjoy the view and take souvenir pictures on the 'throne of the south', the famous gigantic chair installed by the Russian scientists who reside on this island for many decades (long story)!