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Sarakiniko (Gavdos island)

Additional Info

  • Villages / Cities nearby: Sarakiniko
  • Water: Clear and shallow
  • Camping: Yes!
  • Nudism: Yes
  • Organized: There are no sunbeds or umbrellas (fortunately), but you can find shade, cold coffee and food in the taverns
  • What to bring: Everything you will need for free camping, your sarong and your book!

Extra tips

  • If you don't like free camping, there are a few rooms to let by the beach.
  • Sarakiniko is 1.5km away from the port of Gavdos (Karave) and a phantom-bus can take you there (or try hitchhiking!)
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A long sandy beach surrounded by sand dunes full of cedar trees on each side. This is Sarakiniko, the most popular beach of Gavdos. Its shallow and clear waters make it ideal for endless swimming. This is the most 'civilized' beach of the island, with taverns, cafeterias, mini markets and a diverse crowd. The cedar trees offer their shade to devoted visitors who come here every summer (and sometimes stay here for months!) and a detox from the fast rhythm of life most of us experience. In late afternoon, when the heat is less strong, cross the beach and climb up the western hill to enjoy a cold beer with a view at the bar located there. The bar is also a historical site: its building was built by exiled communists of the Greek junta. 

Sarakiniko is also an ideal site for those who like free camping but are not ready to completely give up basic comforts (toilet, good food, fresh water). However, you shouldn't get too comfortable and miss all the other wonderful beaches this magical island has to offer, or the secrets of its mainland!