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  • No, you are not at a Carribean island!No, you are not at a Carribean island!© Stavros Hatzidakis

Chrissi (Gaidouronisi or 'donkey island'!)

Additional Info

  • Villages / Cities nearby: Ierapetra
  • Water: turquoise, shallow
  • Camping: not allowed…but you can find campers in the forest
  • Nudism: yes!
  • Organized: partly
  • What to bring: shoes to walk on the hot sand, water, camera!

Extra tips

- If you plan to camp here, watch out!  the police arrives sometimes and you may get a ticket! If you stay here, pay respect to the ancient cedars.

- We know it's temping to take the shells you see in abudance on the beach back home, but we we ask you not to! For many years everybody took a few and now there is almost nothing left compared to ten years back...

- Bargain the prices of the boat tickets!

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There you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, but you can’t reach it by car. Nor on foot for that matter. You have to drive (or take a bus) to Ierapetra and then take a scheduled boat. The beach at the northern part of the Chrissi islet, or Gaidouronisi (which means 'donkey island'!), has snow white sand with pink ‘patches’, a Lebanon cedar forest for natural shadow, turquoise waters and countless sea shells. The wind though may literally turn this place to Hawaii! The beach is organized but there is lots of space left to lay down your towel on the sand. If you want to rent one umbrella and two chairs you will have to pay 10 euro, so consider bringing yours! Alternatevelly, there is always the shade of cedar trees. There used to be a canteen and a tavern on the island, but this summer we found out they are closed. The tavern is expected to open again some time soon, however it is better to ask before you depart so that you buy what you need beforehand. You can also buy cold water and food from the boat until 5pm when it sails back to Ierapetra.

It is forbidden to stay overnight but… it is highly recommended!