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Crete as we Live it

Crete 360°: A photographic journey

A photographic project about Crete that came to us from Germany. Because, even virtual trips sometimes are enough to make our day!

Carsten Richter is a 57 year-old photographer from Germany. He visited Crete for the first time in 2000 and, as he told us, fell in love with the island at first sight. Since then, he visits Crete every year and has chosen the settlement of Damnoni in Plakias as the base camp.

Three years ago he decided to start taking panoramic 360° photos of the island systematically. Starting from the region of Plakias he slowly started expanding his photographic look to other parts of the island, discovering its diverse beauties. “I try to photograph new places, not only the famous ones. There is so much to discover in Crete, enough for many more holidays”

Carsten sent his project to Cretazine, along with his permission to publish it. Let the arrows guide you through beaches and mountains, archaeological sites and gorges. And even if you don’t speak German, it doesn’t matter…the location names are recognizable in every language! 

See the complete project (which remains a work in progress) here: kreta.360grad.photos


Below you can see some of our favorite photographic trips: 

Sunset in Skinaria (Plakias)



Kourtaliotiko gorge





agiofarago schlucht

The old bridge of Preveli


venzianische bruecke 01




And finally, this one is Carsten's favorite! (We can see why!) 

Night sky at Plakias


Sterne- ber-der-Bucht-von-Plakias