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  • The 'Little Cafe' in Kallikratis welcomes you!The 'Little Cafe' in Kallikratis welcomes you!© Cretazine
  • The herbal goodies of 'Little Cafe'The herbal goodies of 'Little Cafe'
  • A herbal sanctuary in the middle of nowhereA herbal sanctuary in the middle of nowhere
  • The Cretan Far West welcomes youThe Cretan Far West welcomes you
  • Cretan mountain tea (aka malotira) in KallikratisCretan mountain tea (aka malotira) in Kallikratis
  • Mr. Yiannis in action!Mr. Yiannis in action!
  • Red hot chilli peppers anyone?Red hot chilli peppers anyone?
  • Passing the knowledge to the new generationPassing the knowledge to the new generation
  • A few of the things you will find in KousesA few of the things you will find in Kouses
  • Cretan cuisine & Cretan herbs in Tsakalakis' cafeCretan cuisine & Cretan herbs in Tsakalakis' cafe
  • Welcome to NivritosWelcome to Nivritos
  • For the cold winter days & nights...For the cold winter days & nights...
  • Yes, you may also order a coffee (Nivritos)Yes, you may also order a coffee (Nivritos)
Crete as we Live it

The herbal ‘sanctuaries’ of Crete

In Crete you can easily find tasty food, great wine and good company. Finding good herbs to drink as an infusion or buy, however, can be a little more challenging. No need to despair...in some quiet and isolated corners of Crete devotee herbalists have founded little ‘herbal sanctuaries’ where you can enjoy a herbal (or not) drink and buy high quality herbs and herbal products.

Cretazine Tips

  • Did you know that Crete is considered to be the 'flora' crossroad of Eastern Mediterranean? The island's flora hasn't changed much throughout the centuries. Until today about 1,800 plant species and sub-species have been found, a great number for the size of the island. 
  • You are there, meeting the specialists, but still wondering what to buy? We suggest you choose from the most characteristic herbs of Crete, like Cretan mountain tea (Malotira, Sideritis syriaca), Dittany (Diktamos, Origanum dictamnus), Sage (Faskomilo, Origanum dictamnus) and of course, oregano.
  • If you are a fan of herbs and nature in general we suggest you visit the Botanical Park of Crete in Chania. For more information visit their website
  • Finally, in case you are a connoisseur and want to try collecting your own Cretan herbs, read this
Published in  Crete 360°
//  Written by by Stella Melina Vasilaki



Known for their therapeutic qualities and the special taste they give to local cuisine, Cretan herbs are definitely a ‘must-have’ souvenir. Even though they are sold almost everywhere, finding high quality herbs with their properties intact at the time of consumption, including their antioxidant action, can be a tricky business. Sometimes the herbs you find in the market are not packaged properly, they are of unknown origin or are already expired.

But rest assured, there are still some herbal shops that remain faithful to quality criteria and will satisfy the needs of any conscious lover of herbs. Here we propose some of them...our criteria? Good taste, quality, respect to Cretan tradition & nature, beautiful locations you have to see and owners that you have to meet!

‘Botano’ - Cretan Mountain Herbs


(Kouses village, Municipality of Phaistos, Heraklion Prefecture)

 0002 kouses roland wildman

While on your way to some of Crete’s most touristic destinations, Matala or Phaistos, it is well worth to make a small detour and visit the picturesque village of Kouses and the herbal shop ‘Botano’.  It might seem strange that someone would choose this little village to open a specialized herbal shop but the owner doesn’t think so. Away from the ideals of commercialism and ever-expanding businesses, 'Botano' follows a different philosophy of life and work. The owners had rejected the hectic rhythms of modern life when they first decided to move here from northern Greece. 

KousesThey believe in nature, organic, biodynamic and environmentally friendly farming and offer cautiously selected, high quality herbs and and herbal products - not only from Crete but also from around the world- including their own production of biodynamic herbs. Plus, the views to the wider region are striking and the calming atmosphere of the village offers an ideal break from the summer heat and crowds.

  • Opening hours: In summer the shop is open everyday (except Sunday) from 10am to 8pm. In the winter it follows the standard business hours schedule. 
  • Contact:  Yiannis Yiannoutsos Mparkas, tel. 2892042295, info@botano.gr
  • Something extra: you can buy 'Botano' products online in the e-shop 
  • How to get there: From Heraklion you take the road to Matala, and a few kilometers after the village of Petrokefali (or before the village of Sivas) you will see the sign to Kouses. 
  • What else to see: the village of Sivas, hippie Matala, the beach of Kommos, the palace of Phaistos and the villa of Agia Triada, the isolated beach of Agiofaraggo

‘Little Cafe’ - Wild Herbs of Crete 


(Kallikratis Plateau, Municipality of Sfakia, Chania Prefecture) 

 0006 kallikratis little cafea herbal sanctuary in the middle of nowhere

You drive up the hills of Lefka Ori on dusty roads, surrounded by the absolute absence of  civilization. The road leads you next to steep cliffs that take your breath away in every turn. Then you arrive at a plateau that seems like it was copy-pasted from another country, or more appropriately, from another dimension. Scattered houses that look deserted (but are not), empty streets, perhaps a shepherd or a car every now and then...Kallikratis looks like a mountainous ghost town and at the moment you first see the ‘little cafe’ fenced with animal bones and skulls, it feels like you just completed a journey in the spirit-world.

collecting herbsThe mystical landscape of Kallikratis inspired Babis Psaroudakis and Janina Sorensen to realize their dream to collect and distil Cretan herbs the traditional way and to offer high quality herbal products to their guests. From collection to processing -and even serving- Babis and Janina do the job themselves because they don’t trust any paid worker ‘who might be indifferent to the spirit of the plants or the ethics of collection’, as they write on their website. Herbal infusions are served with local honey, the food is great and the location is absolutely beautiful. Plus, they distil their own essential oils and make herbal soaps and other herbal cosmetics. 

So, if you happen to be around make sure you don't miss it!

  • Opening hours: 'Little Cafe' is open during the summer season from 11am to 8pm. If you want to visit it in the winter, we suggest you call first and ask if it's open!   
  • Contact:  6949092073 (Janina), 6974294787 (Babis), wildherbsofcrete@gmail.com, 
  • Something extra: You can also find the products of 'Little Cafe' online in the  e-shop and we suggest you take a look at their blog
  • How to get there: You can either drive there from the plateau of Askyfou, or from Fragkokastelo - which is a more difficult road but totally worth it! 
  • What else to see: The gorge of Kallikratis, the nearby gorge of Imbros and the beaches of Fragkokastelo and Rodakino. 

Traditional Cafe & Herbs ‘Nivritos’– Tsakalakis


(Nivritos village, Municipality of Rouvas, Heraklion Prefecture)

 0000 DSCN8003

The humble appearance of Mr. Tsakalakis’s cafe will not predispose you for the wonderful things you will find inside. Loyal to Cretan traditions and occupations, Tsakalakis family collect herbs, make their own honey and maintain a family-run village cafe. Actually it is hard to decide which is their strongest feature: their herbs, their honey or their cuisine.  

Mrs. Tsakalakis is known for her great cooking using home-grown herbs in her dishes. Try omelet with marjoram, lamb with sage, broad beans with wild mountain greens, chicken with sage, ect.  The family has recently put in use their traditional inherited knowledge on herbs to create a herbs’ garden and export herbs to other countries. Their herb production includes only traditional Cretan herbs, simple and clear. Every herb is collected by hand with respect to Cretan nature and the drying methods are all natural. As for the quality, it is guaranteed!

  • Opening hours: The cafe and herbal shop is open everyday, from early in the morning to the evening, for coffee, herbal infusions or food! 
  • Contact:  Katerina & Dimitris Tsakalakis, tel. 28940 31296, tsakalakis@nivritosherbs.gr
  • How to get there: from the city of Heraklion you follow the road to Moires (Mires) until you reach the village of Agia Varvara where you take a right turn to the village of Gergeri. Nivritos is the next village you will meet.  
  • What to see: Votomos lake, the forest of Rouvas, the village of Zaros, ancient Gortyna, Vrontisi Monastery