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  • Imbros, the second most popular gorge of CreteImbros, the second most popular gorge of Crete© Cretazine

Discover the gorge of Imbros

If you think the 16km long gorge of Samaria is too much for you, try the nearby gorge of Imbros, which offers an almost equally impressive walk but much shorter and easier. After all, it is the second most popular gorge of Crete for a reason!


Cretazine Tips

  • Make a deal with the taxi driver about the price in advance and try to find other walkers to share the fare.
  • If you want to take a bus back to Imbros or Chania you will have to walk 1 extra km and a half out of Komitades (to the west) to arrive at the main road. You will find the bus schedule (Chora Sfakion-Chania) here.
  • If you don’t want to carry food with you (you are already stuffed with the Sfakian pies anyway) you will find taverns at the exit of the gorge. However, we warn you: they are more expensive and their food not that good, so we advise you to either walk on the main road to the right (west) for ten minutes to arrive at the old village of Komitades where the food is better and cheaper, or take the bus to Sfakia or Fragkokastelo to discover other options!
  • If you wish to fit your excursion to the gorge in a larger travel-plan, you can continue from there to the beach of Fragkokastelo and Sfakia from the other side, where you can take ferries to Gavdos and other wonderful and secluded beaches of southern Chania (e.x, Glyka Nera, Agios Pavlos, Agia Roumeli and Sougia). Some of these beaches are only accessible by (expensive) taxi-boats or you can walk on the E4 path, an option that needs much organization and a good physical condition!
  • If you are driving back to Chania, remember to make a stop at the village of Vrysses. A coffee or meal next to the running waters and under the refreshing shade of plane trees will be the perfect relief remedy after a long walk during the hot summer months! The village is famous for its high quality dairy products (and especially yogurt!)


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Pack you bag with water, snacks and perhaps a small souvenir from your country (we’ll explain that later) and head to the small village of Imbros, on the main road to Chora Sfakion, where you can easily arrive by car or bus from Chania. The gorge is 11km long and it will take you about 2-3 hours to cross it.

The first thing we recommend you do before starting your walk is to sit in the tavern right next to the entrance and order sfakian pies (filled with white cheese and topped with honey), a local specialty that will fill you with the energy you need to cross the gorge. Remember that there is no water throughout the route, and that means you should buy as much as you may need beforehand.
A downhill path right next to the tavern will lead you to the kiosk where you must pay the entrance fee (€2) and from there you start walking on a rocky path and through a beautiful forest. The gorge is full of oaks, fig trees, almond trees and cypresses that generously offer their shade to rest or enjoy a picnic. The walls become narrower along the way until you reach the narrowest and most spectacular passage in about the middle of the route.

The route crosses a beautufil forest: oaks, fig trees, almond trees and cypresses generously offer their shade to rest or enjoy a picnic.  

Κάπου εκεί θα συναντήσεις το σπιτάκι του φύλακα...

Near that spot you will meet the guard’s house, surrounded by goats and a donkey that will approach you without fear, asking for a treat! Take a rest there, chat with the friendly bearded guard, and observe the decoration of his ‘kingdom’: country flags, photographs of foreigners, business cards, small souvenirs and whatever else you can imagine, all carefully placed on the walls and shelves of this little handmade ‘museum’! And this is where your own personal souvenir becomes handy. Offer it to the guard, who will appreciate it and place it in his collection, as a proof that ‘you also were here’!
When you reach the exit you will find several (expensive) taverns and a taxi (actually, a private car posing as a taxi!) that will take you back the gorge entrance, if you parked your car there.

If you want to conclude your walk with a swim, you can drive, take a bus or walk (if you dare!) to Fragkokastelo, about 8km east from the gorge exit.