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Crete as we Live it

Unknown Samaria

Unexplored gorges, running waters and the joy of discovery in untouched and pristine corners of the most popular gorge of Crete

The National Park of Samaria is one of the most popular destinations in Crete, if not in the whole country. The gorge welcomes about 250,000 people of every age and from different parts of the world every year, who come to admire the wonders of Cretan nature, accumulated in one place.

Despite its popularity, Samaria still hides many of its beauties away from the general public, as many parts are still unexplored: pristine gorges within the National Park where no one has walked before, running waters sprouting from ‘secret’ springs, rich ecosystems and impressive limestone formations on the rocky cliffs. Secluded and inaccessible, the exploration of these secret corners of Samaria requires good canyoning skills, physical condition, and complicated equipment!

Since 2011, the members of the Cretan branch of the Hellenic Speleological Society and the Hiking Club of Chania have set as their mission to explore and map all these unknown natural beauties that remain invisible to the eyes of thousands of tourists. Fortunately for those who won’t have the chance (or skills) to walk off the beaten path, this breathtaking video was created to share some pure adrenaline with us!