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  • Chania: A Journey to your SensesChania: A Journey to your Senses
Crete as we Live it

Chania: A Journey to your Senses

Χανιά: «Ένα Ταξίδι των Αισθήσεων»The sun rises over Chania and starts its playful journey through the narrow lanes of the old city. First it brings the Venetian port back to life, then it sneaks from the windows into art galleries, it warms up the sleepy cats and the colourful gardens and awakens historical monuments. With its light it reveals beauty and love, the love for the city itself, above all.

This  production of the Municipality of Chania with the characteristic gaze of Director Thodoris Papadoulakis is part of five tourist spots that present all the beauties and sights of the Chania region. The project is clalled 'Chania: A Journey to your Senses'. After the old city, your 'senses' will travel to the exotic beaches of Chania and to dreamy sunsets before they meet traditional flavours and scents, tradition and culture through the people of Crete. They will cross gorges and fertile fields and feel the energy of wild nature and archaeological sites. Idyllic images, a small dose of humor, a bit of 'Zorbas the Greek', modern life and history. In other words, Crete!

Let your self travel along these cinematic card postals and start planning your next summer holidays in the island of promises...