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Additional Info

  • Villages / Cities nearby: Palekastro
  • Water: Shallow and calm, perfect for children
  • Camping: With this wind??
  • Nudism: Yes, in the nearby isolated cove you will discover
  • Organized: No
  • What to bring: Walking sandals, a hat because the wind will not allow you to put an umbrella!

Extra tips

Kakavia is a fish soup with ancient origins (its name comes from the ancient Greek kakavi, a tripod cooking pot). Usually made of a variety of fish, olive oil, lemon and saffron. In Chiona's fish taverns you will find it for about 50 euro per kilo. 

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The serene landscape of Chiona beach perfectly portrays the character of eastern Crete. Thin sand, shallow and calm waters, a tolerable number of sunbeds and umbrellas - just a few salt cedars - and the famous for their kakavia dish fish taverns. To open up your appetite walk over the hill west of the beach for a wonderful view and a visit to the ruins of an old fortress. For more isolation, walk to the east and discover secret coves. Another option, in case you are an extreme sports fan, is to try windsurfing in the nearby beach of Kouremenos.