Minoan Civilization, Creep, and Radiohead

Minoan Civilization, Creep, and Radiohead

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Surrealistic lessons of Minoan history on YouTube
Colors in the ruins. And suddenly, they are brought back to life!|Noble house of Bey Shekeria|Palmeti fountain next to a "paste-up"|Ntentidakidon street|19th century architecture at Mavrogenous str.|The old hamam in Bey Shekeria noble house|The small lane you have to take in order to get to noble house of Bey Shekeria

A walk in Agia Triada

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Just a few steps away from the busy central market of Heraklion there is another city center, forgotten and ignored by the state authorities for…
Restless and constantly moving: meet Georgia Petrali!||

Georgia Petrali

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One of the most restless spirits of the city that always finds new ways to tackle our cultural lethargy. Founder of 'Fysalida', a vivid dance…
"Ta Kritika", the book cover||

Jordi Alsina Iglesias

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From Argentona of Catalonia to Crete. A social anthropologist is impressed by the ‘phenomenon’ of Cretan music, writes his phd thesis for the University of…